Four Reasons Why Pentecostals Should Join #FridaysForFuture

I don’t know if you noticed, but last Friday the biggest climate protest in history occurred, with millions of people in 185 countries marching for climate action and global justice. This is all part of the #FridaysForFuture movement which started not more than a year ago when Swedish student Greta Thunberg went on a “school strike” every Friday to tell her politicians that they don’t do enough to stop climate change.

And that was just a warm-up. This Friday, September 27th, there will be an even bigger global strike.

Spirit-filled Christians might wonder if this is something for them. Should they care? Is FFF really in line with God’s will, or could it be the opposite – a preparation for the Antichrist?!

I assure you that there’s no need to worry, and I deeply recommend that you as a Pentecostal or Charismatic do join the FFF efforts of protesting against climate inaction. Here’s why:

1. There’s no reason to dispute climate science

If I’m not mistaken, you’re reading this on a phone or a computer. Presumably, you think that said device works. And it does. Now, it works well due to scientific theories and models that are too complicated for both me and you to understand. We rely on them, and trust them.

I think it’s inconsistent to then despise the 97 % scientific consensus on man-made climate change as an elaborate hoax or as scientists not understanding what they are observing. It seems arbitrary to have such an attitude to climate science, but not other sciences. Sure, many Christians are critical of evolutionary biology, but at least then one has (perceived) Biblical reasons to suspect another truth to be out there. Whereas for climate science, we have no reason to distrust the consensus.

2. Millions of other Christians are already involved

Churches for Future, Preachers for Future and Christians for Future are all groups that have emerged during the last couple of months. Apart from that, loads and loads of people marching under the broader FFF umbrella are Christians. Many of them live in poor nations that are affected badly by climate change. As their sisters and brothers, we should fight for their wellbeing and safety.

3. Antichrist is eviler than this

I do believe we live in the end times and that the devil is active in trying to deceive the elect. I think it’s fairly obvious that he does, there are “Christians” promoting war, inequality, racism, and misogyny. But caring for the poor is not on the devil’s agenda. I know that many Christians are afraid that global action for justice and the environment is the devil’s gateway into world dictatorship, but guess what? The Bible never says so. It’s political propaganda, dressed in religious language. In fact, Jesus clearly says that the devil wants to slaughter and kill (John 10:10) – so if it’s anything that’s demonic in this debate it is the idea that we should not care for creation.

4. When Pentecostalism moves, the world moves

FFF is already one of the biggest social movements on the planet right now, even before many Pentecostals and Charismatics have joined it. But if we do, it will become enormous. There are half a billion P&Cs around the world. Sociologists call it one of the biggest global movements for social justice. If we join the millions who are already marching, it will be totally impossible for politicians to ignore our call for a more just, equal and sustainable world.

Thus, I hope to see you on some of the millions of photos that will be labeled #fridaysforfuture the day after tomorrow. The world needs our voice.

Micael Grenholm is editor and contributor for PCPJ.

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-01-06-kl-21-17-02Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice is a multicultural, gender inclusive, and ecumenical organization that promotes peace, justice, and reconciliation work among Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians around the world. If you like what we do, please become a member!


One thought on “Four Reasons Why Pentecostals Should Join #FridaysForFuture”

  1. American Pentecostals and Evangelicals continue to believe global warming is a hoax. One of their go to organizations is the Heartland Institute which is a group of scientists who are conservatives, theologically and politically. They are believed above the 97%. I invite people to look at their site and how they think and believe.


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