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Deborah-Ruth Ferber is a two time graduate of Tyndale University College and Seminary (BRE and MDiv) and holds additional certifications from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary and Harvard Divinity School EdX. Deborah's work has been widely published in North America and the UK and she has been a featured writer for Premier Christian Magazine, Purpose Magazine, the Canadian Mennonite, and Mennonite World Review. Deborah is also the co-author of "A Living Alternative - Anabaptist Christianity in a Post-Christendom World." A member of the MennoNerds, State of Formation, and Bible Gateway blogging collectives, Deborah enjoys writing on several topics related to Christian theology, social justice, church practice, discipleship, and disability studies. When Deborah is not behind a keyboard or does not have her nose stuck in a book, she enjoys travelling the world in search of the next biggest adventure.

Do You Love Souls or Do You Just Love Your Ministry?

Patricia Bootsma

On Saturday, October 28th, one of the largest churches in Toronto – People’s Church, hosted a “Serve the City Day.” The day was focused on evangelism, outreach, and missional leadership and included a plenary session in the morning with the famous charismatic evangelist and author, Patricia Bootsma. I have heard Bootsma speak on more than one occassion, and every time I listen to her I am reminded of how much of a woman of God she is.

Here is a woman who has experienced and helped to bring about healings, prophecies, visions, and more. It is evident when you meet her that the Spirit of God is upon her and the most impressive thing of all, is her humility towards this. She is not someone who does any of these things in order to amass fame and fortune, but rather she is someone who only seeks for God to use her as His evangelistic instrument. Continue reading Do You Love Souls or Do You Just Love Your Ministry?