Azusa Now: Revival and Reconciliation

Over 100,000 people are expected to join the Azusa Now meeting in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday April 9, 2016. Pentecostal leaders like Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson and Daniel Kolenda will speak at the event which is arranged by TheCall.

igniteAs a preparation for Azusa Now, Dr. Jennifer Miskov has written the book Ignite Azusa: Positioning for a New Jesus Revolution with contributions from Baker, Johnson and Lou Engle. Dr. Miskov is the founder of Destiny House, a charismatic intentional community in Redding, California, and has authored several books. PCPJ’s Micael Grenholm got a chance to speak with her.

Micael Grenholm (MG): What made you want to write about the Azusa Street revival?

Jennifer Miskov (JM): I actually felt led of Holy Spirit in December of the last year, 2015, to quit my job and write about Azusa to prepare people for Azusa now, on the 110th anniversary.

It’s kind of a God-inspired miracle that it happened within two months of writing in time for the event but that was kind of the heart that I wanted to do it in. Most of my studies in England were on the Azusa Street Revival so it was cool to pull from that.

I feel like we’re on the verge to the next great awakening, a new Jesus revolution, Jesus people movement. There’s keys in the Azusa Street revival that we can learn from and go even further.

MG: How do you think a modern Azusa revival would look like, in the Western world in particular?

JM: It’s a great question, I feel like we’re going to where we’ve never been before like in the book of Joshua, we have to be very close to Holy Spirit and respond to Him, because I feel like we’re about to go off the map into a new era that the church is yet to see and tap into.

I feel like where we’re going now is that we have people that are burning with passion for the Lord but they’re also be deeply rooted and have this deep passion for consecration and holiness.

There will be extreme acts of generosity and love. Tons of people are going to get saved. There will be community houses and a new wine skins for houses and disciples, billions are going to come to the Lord. It will not be a Sunday Christian move of God but a whole life devoted to Jesus in every way.

Heidi Baker prays for Miskov at Destiny House

MG: You mentioned community houses. You’re a part of Destiny House in Redding and even founded it. What does it look like and what is your community vision?

JM: Destiny House is a community of people intentionally living together in the presence of God. My heart is to launch people into their God-given destiny. We believe people are launched into their destiny through intimacy with Jesus and also through connection with family and deep relationship with friends.

What that looks like at Destiny House right now is that we have three houses with about 16 girls, we fast on Mondays in the community and every Monday night we have a family meal. Every Friday we do worship, in the morning we open up our house and just have this spontaneous time ministering with the Holy Spirit to people that come.

We also have a vision of 5,000 destiny houses or worshipping communities inspired by Destiny House around the world, where they do church at home, they pray together and worship together, spend time in the presence of God together. We love intimacy with jesus and we also love each other. We see songs birthed, missionaries launched, books birthed, truly impossible things emerge simply from being consistent in God’s presence and with each other. I think this will grow like a wildfire and I’m very excited.

MG: Pentecostalism, the Vineyard movement, the Jesus movement, Bethel Church and Iris Global all have their roots in California. What is it with Californian soil and revival?

JM: I feel like there’s a special anointing and apostolic inheritance on California. The Azusa Street revival was right here in Los Angeles, you know, I feel there’s something even in the land that we can tap into to bless the world and be the gift that we’re called to be.

There’s a recent video posted on my website where I have Heidi Baker and Bill Johnson talking a little bit about California, because they’ve both done ministry here and birthed beautiful things and we just all kind of feel that God’s heart is on California. That’s why Azusa Now is going to be such a significant event, not just for California but we really believe for the world. And so I’m excited to partner with Lou and TheCall in California.

MG: How do you think revival can promote peace and justice?

JM: On Azusa street when revival broke out, the color line was washed away. And so there is so much reconciliation and love even as the idea for Azusa Now was birthed. On a fast, Lou Engle felt that the Lord wanted us to be reconciled with African Americans. And so he called up Fred Berry while he was there and he said ”I need to repent and be reconciled”. Berry was the one who said ”Hey Lou, when are you going to come to LA?” And so even Azusa Now is birthed from reconciliation between races.

When the fire of God comes, peace is going to come between people, reconciliation is gonna come between people And you know, the world cannot not be changed when God ignites a fire within each one of us, there’s so much love that transforms everything.

I feel like when revival comes, people awaken to who they are called to be and they’re empowered to be what they are destined to contribute to society, and some of those people will go to dark places like the Middle East and they’ll bring light and hope and they’ll not be afraid to lose their lives for the sake of the Kingdom and the Gospel. We see that happening.

As the conversation ended, Miskov asked if she could end with a prayer:

JM: God I just thank you for everyone reading this article and I ask for a fresh wave, a fresh movement and a fresh fire to come upon us God in this crucial time that we live in. I pray that they will be baptized with fresh fire from Heaven, that there will be a fresh ignition in their hearts for you. I just declare Psalm 27 over them, that in everything they do it’s all about you Jesus. Lord, I pray for an alignment with Heaven right now that everything will come back to you, for fresh fire and a passionate relationship with you like never before. In Jesus Name, amen.

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