Chilean Pentecostals and Charismatics call to serious christian thought on war

by Hugo Zuñiga Quijada.

Due to the recent military incursion of Western powers in Syria (and some reactions that this has generated in different churches), Chilean members and friends of Pensamiento Pentecostal have written some general recommendations for a proper treatment of these delicate issues inside of evangelical and charismatic churches in order to contribute to a fruitful reflection about war in Christian contexts.

This document highlights some common beliefs that emerge when the Church faces this kind of situations. For instance, sometimes attempts are made to explain and even justify armed conflicts in the Middle East as part of the “plan of God.” We regret that sometimes this emphasis leaves aside the concern for the human suffering involved in any war, no matter in what context it happens.

Furthermore, from a charismatic perspective and considering that these churches practice spiritual gifts, among which is prophecy, and likewise revelations through vision and dream, this document is about the different manifestations that deal with wars and armed conflicts, calling to examine them thoroughly (1 Jn 4: 1), especially in case they promote hate and not christian a focus.

Pensamiento Pentecostal suggests serious theological reflection on the nature of wars considering in the first instance a view from the perspective of Jesus as the supreme expression of God’s love for the whole humanity and not only for a “chosen nation.¨

Finally, there is a call to action and a suggestion to pray all the time for the different conflicts that occur in several parts of the world considering that there are also many brothers and sisters in these places, including missionaries and Christian workers who are going through suffering (1 Peter 5: 9) and for whom it is necessary to pray all the time (Eph 6:18; 1 Tim 2:1), so that the gospel may be preached in every corner of the planet (Mark 16:15, Acts 13:47).

You can read the whole document in spanish here: Recomendaciones sobre la guerra a nuestros hermanos pentecostales y carismáticos

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