Rick Joyner’s Daughter Won’t Have It With Her Father’s Trump Support

Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner is Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries and a prophetic minister who has cooperated with various charismatic churches. He has in a recent Facebook video stated that “serious judgment is coming upon our media”, that “Trump has a divine purpose” and that nobody will be able to put him out of office because of that, and in yet another video claimed that Black Lives Matter is a hate group of the worst order and that the rise of white supremacy in America is Barack Obama’s fault.

These comments led Rick’s daughter, Anna Jane Joyner, to post a Facebook video of her own where she in tears apologized to her African American friends and promised to stand by their side:

Anna Jane Joyner

She says:

[People like my father have] in the last couple of weeks not stood up for what Jesus stood for, and are perpetuating some very dangerous and hurtful narratives and ideas. I wish I could change it. I’m trying my best.

I just want you to know that you aren’t alone, and that I hear you… I’m absolutely standing with you in this very serious sort of battle for the soul of our country.

The video has gone viral, with currently over 70 000 views and almost 1000 shares. In response to this Anna Jane writes:

So incredibly humbled to have touched on something so much larger than anything I could have possibly imagined.

I’m in awe and full of gratitude.

But mostly, I’m concerned. And frankly, a little pissed. I’m not an evangelical leader. Yes, I’m a preacher’s kid but honestly these days I’m mostly just a climate activist and bad Episcopalian who rarely goes to church. […]

Where are the church leaders answering to these hordes of hurting Christians? Why am I the one offering healing and hope?

Two days after Anna Jane Joyner made her video, Rick Joyner published a video in which he calls the media “the worst, most dangerous terrorist organization” and that the devil is using the media. In a Facebook post, Anna Jane responded:

[Journalists] are people, some of whom are my dear friends who I know firsthand to be honorable, kind, thoughtful human beings that have sworn to uphold truth as their professional calling. And they take that job seriously. They don’t always get it right, but they are certainly not terrorists. To frame them as such is dangerous, and it has the potential to incite real violence. Which is terrifying (like personally terrifying. I am scared for them).

Anna Jane Joyner has for several years urged her father to abandon his far-right political views. In 2014, they were featured in the Years of Living Dangerously documentary series on Showtime where Anna Jane showed her father facts and statistics, letting him meet climate scientists. As the episode ran, Anna Jane published an open letter to her father where she explained the importance of him accepting that climate change is man-made.

15 thoughts on “Rick Joyner’s Daughter Won’t Have It With Her Father’s Trump Support”

  1. What a shame that we can’t get away from the political even in the places we traditionally seek something higher than this manmade plane. Rick and his daughter prove that. And that’s just one of the many reasons I no longer go to church nor do I consider myself a Christian. We must ascend.


  2. The worse pain, would be from those you love who publicly scorn you.
    It’s a deep form of disrespect
    I would never do that to my father, even if I disagreed with him.
    Opinions come and go , but family is always first . In this case, coming from his daughter, it makes me weep at the door of ridicule she opened to her family …by posting a YouTube video with 70,000 plus views… all done in an effort to assert herself to ,overtly discredit her father’s name and cause question to the unity in his house.
    Make opinions if you like, but never in a wrong spirit.

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    1. “Opinions come and go , but family is always first .”
      Well, maybe she has a better understanding of her bible and the Lords words than you have Ac. Just look at:
      “Matthew 10:37
      He who has more love for his father or mother than for me is not good enough for me; he who has more love for son or daughter than for me is not good enough for me.”
      Maybe Mr. Joyner took off his cloak of humility for too long and is dazzled by his own greatness now.


    2. You hypocrite! How can you say that! He was wrong! Rick Joyner, Jim Bakker, a whole bunch of them are on the WRONG side of the Gospel!


    3. I totally think of Noah and in his drunken naked state one son made fun and was disrespectful and the other son covered his fathers nakedness as he backed out of the tent respectfully.

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    4. Rick Joyner is a public figure on many public platforms and is open to any form of public scrutiny. He is a self centered egotistic false prophet. His daughter has insight into the families inner circle and should speak up publicly. It is out of concern for the public and her Dad.


  3. I stand with Rick about the mainstream media, they are bought and paid for by corporate interests, if you don’t know that you haven’t done your homework. Period. Gods agenda will not be halted, by corrupt media, governments or even corrupt pastors, so believers do not fear. Do not be afraid, do not hate, that will corrupt YOU. Seek and trust Jesus. Believers, followers of Jesus share your testimony of who He is and what God has promised to us who persevere. The Holy Spirit will do the convincing.


  4. God loves us. It hurts the Body of Christ when our leaders go against the Word of God and all sound alike. We are to take care of widows and orphans, Go into the world and preach the gospel, give away all you have and follow Christ, love one another and so much more. This is in the Bible. I have not found any verse that says give to my ministry and I will send you this book or some other thing. People are starving to death. Children are dying from drinking filthy water. That is where the money is supposed to go. No pomp, no ceremony just quietly and with love. I am a Born Again Christian filled with Holy Spirit. Covid19 is a disease. God is still in the healing business. He has healed me a number of times through prayer and by Doctors. Something is very wrong in a number of our Mega Churches and our ministers. I do not understand why we have left the Bible truth and turned to the gimmee way. Pray before you give and ask God for divine Wisdom.


  5. Rick Joyner, along with many others like him, is an apostate, and his daughter needs to repudiate his evil, since the alternative isby silence to condone it. It’s a tough choice, but she made the right call.

    Asa deposed his mother from being queen mother because she made an abominable idol in a grove, and the Bible clearly approves. She made the same right play.


  6. remember Christ says that we are to be in this world -not of this world. all are sinners. also note, donald trump was not fit to serve as president of our once great country–fake christians are still worshiping him ,his lies,and his corruption. our salvation is only through Christ.


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